Kingdom Mortgages, is Based out of Ontario's Niagara Region

10 George Street North, Unit 202 Brampton, Ontario • L6X 1R2

No matter what your financial goals may be, Kingdom Mortgages can help.

Rodney Schunker is a seasoned Mortgage Broker with more than 10 years in the financial services industry and has developed the knowledge, expertise and lender relationships to help their clients reach their financial goals.

Kingdom Mortgages will work on your behalf to provide you with the best service possible to ensure your loan is approved.

Mortgage Rates are important – and we have some of the best in the industry - but the real quality of your mortgage is more than just a rate.

There are a variety of options and packages available through lenders that may suit your specific situation and goals better than traditional lending options.

At Kingdom Mortgages they understand that everyone has a unique lifestyle, and they believe your mortgage financing should be just as unique.

They’re here to research your options and provide relevant advice based on their years of industry experience.

The Kingdom Mortgages Mortgage Brokers can find you the right mortgage for your situation at an unbeatable rate.

The right Mortgage Broker can make all the difference. "Rodney Schunker and the Kingdom Mortgages team are the way to go!"

Nile "Motormouth" Jenkins


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