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LIFE is a learning experience unlike any other – primarily housed in the form of easy to use audio CD’s and books – it takes a consistent and effective approach to each area of life. The core program of LIFE focuses on these 8 F’s of life: Faith, Family, Friends, Freedom, Finances, Fitness, Following and Fun. Birthed by experts with proven, time-tested results and nurtured by using a simple, kind, honest and often humorous approach, LIFE works! Period. There is no risk to try out a better LIFE as all LIFE products come with a hassle free, no questions asked 30-day money back guarantee.

Nile says, “Visit my LIFE website today and learn how to build a better future for yourself, your family, and your community!”


Norma’s Miche Bag Shop

The Miche Bag is the most versatile and fun purse you will ever own! Buy a base bag and simply change up your shells to match your outfit, your mood, and the season.

Norma says, “Choose from dozens of purse styles at my Miche Shop. You can order directly, or ask me about hosting a virtual party to get the styles you want for free!”

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  • SmB says:

    What is your take on lease vehicles? It seems like dependable work transportation and not much more. I calculated 41 miles a day is all you have with the best 3 year 15,000 per year mileage plan. This is a Toyota Corolla. And I think West Herr is about the best in WNY. Any thoughts? The previous leased car went over miles (sad,true) and needed minor repair. One just can’t use thebcar for little kids. Or spend ample time cleaning it like every other day imo. So to walk away from that car means over $7000! Or turn around and pay “just” $5000 and get into another lease. Which is in the works now. How much time to change mind over this current transsction. (I don’t have paperwork in front of me. Thanks for your advise!) The price of cars!!! Well, you know.

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