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steve-goodwinSteve is the owner of Steve’s Place Bicycles and Repairs located at 181 Niagara Boulevard in Fort Erie. Steve is very community minded and has spent the last twenty years serving in our community. Steve often donates bicycles to families in need, has sponsored a number of BMX riders, has had multiple co-op student placements in his store, helped to build South Niagara Life Centre, ran a Christian teen youth ministry “Ignyte Niagara” out of his shop garage for many years, and has organized and put on several teen outreach events throughout the Niagara region such as skateboarding events and free Christian concerts. Steve also organized the Christian family concert series at the Friendship Festival for a few years known as “Admit One”. Steve’s heart has always been for this community, especially for the youth of our town.

Two years ago Steve’s health began to decline and he was finally diagnosed with Chronic Lyme Disease a few months ago. Steve is in pain all the time and finds running his business very difficult and exhausting. There is help available to treat Lyme disease but it is costly and not covered by OHIP. Steve’s family will be taking him to a clinic outside of the province this coming year for treatment for Chronic Lyme Disease. The length of time for this treatment is not certain but usually is between 6-14 weeks. The cost of both the treatment and expenses is between $4,000 to $5,000 per week. This cost unfortunately is not covered by OHIP, and there are currently no medical doctors in Ontario who treat for Chronic Lyme Disease.

Please help this amazing, giving family fight this terrible disease. Every donation will help bring them closer to treatment.

You can donate by clicking the Give Now button at:

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