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MeetNile(1)2011Cars are my life.

For 37 years I’ve been most at home under a hood or elbow deep in grease and oil. I’ve owned my own garage as well as worked for some fine automotive shops.

I am a licensed 310S automotive service technician and 310T truck and coach technician. I’ve worked on every part of a car from fuel-injection to brakes to on board engine computer controls.

The reason we started the radio show 18 years ago is because we wanted to help more people with their car needs than I ever could at my own shop. We believe that people are looking for honesty and that sometimes its hard to find.

As we’ve built our audience, our listeners have been asking us more and more to recommend businesses where they can be sure they will be treated fairly, honestly and with integrity. This is why we’ve developed this web site.

MeetNile(2)2011Our web site has an area called recommended businesses. This is where you can search for companies that can help you with your automotive needs as well as some other areas like financial and insurance, plus others.

Every business that is listed and profiled on this web site has been personally visited by me and meets my standards. I wouldn’t recommend any business if I wasn’t fully prepared to use their services myself.

We hope you enjoy the site, and we’d love to hear what you think of it, send me an email by clicking here.

Motormouth, Nile Jenkins

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