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We’re proud to announce that we are now a part of one of Canada’s Best Christian Radio Networks Joy AM 1250!


Car Connection will Air at its usual time Saturday mornings 7 a.m. till 8 a.m! Tune in and catch the show if you’re in reception range!


Download the app today by clicking HERE.

If you’ve got any questions, please contact Nile Directly:


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Nile from Car Connection

My Personal Welcome to You!

Motormouth here, and I want to welcome you to our web site.

Car Connection Business Network specializes in helping consumers find local businesses they can trust. For as long as I can remember it’s always been a challenge to find companies that consistently deliver good value and that keep their word. For that reason we created this web site.

We’ve searched high and low to find you quality local businesses that have a proven track record of good service and reliability.

This web site, combined with our Saturday radio program on ESPN, help us to provide consumers with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions about how to find local businesses they can count on.


Celebrating 24 Years On the Air

Celebrating 24 years on the air, we are thrilled to have two radio stations to serve you and reach a potential audience of over 8 million listeners every Saturday. Click here to learn more about our radio show.

We hope you’ll take some time to look around our site and visit some of our recommended businesses.

Car Connection Sponsors

Each week our live radio broadcast of Car Connection is sponsored by these great businesses. Please click on their name or logo to learn more about them. Without the support of these generous sponsors, Car Connection and this web site would not be possible.

A Special Thanks to Boyd Auto for being a part of Car Connection for over a decade. We have appreciated their support.

23 Responses to Car Connection Business Network

  • Jeffrey Keith says:

    Hi Nile,
    I listen to Car Connection all the time and really love the show. Tony Miele is my favorite guest speaker, he just seems to be a fountain of knowledge. Anyway, my question to you is what to do about my car battery. The car worked fine, then the other day I took it out without problem, got home and parked it. I went back a while later and it wouldn’t start. There was power to everything, but it wouldn’t crank or start. I noticed the vent cap popped off the battery. So, do I replace the battery, or could it be the starter ? The fact that the cap popped off the battery, inclines me to think I should replace it, but I don’t want to waste money if I don’t have to. Looking forward to your reply, Thank You (2005 Pontiac Grand Prix GT V6)

  • Colleen Jenkins says:

    I recently made two trips to Siders Automotive I have had several repairs and Rust Proofing done on my 2007 Chevy Colorado . They go above and beyond not just once but every time , their knowledge is amazing no matter the question they answer you with honest advice and professionalism and they Listen too your opinion as well , I find their mechanics are hard working people whom take pride in their work big or small How do I know this? Well at Siders they have windows you can see them work on your vehicle to me this is a Real good feature , seeing how much hard work goes into each repair truly a Class Act . Kudos Siders 🇨🇦👍🏻

  • Jimmy Morgan says:

    i LOVE this program. :)
    it sure helps me to understand more on how useful information really is. Your program is really great. im sharing this on my facebook. :)
    thanks , Mr . Nile Jenkins.

  • Tom Brown says:

    Hello, it has been a little while since I have listened to your show but you used to recommend “MotorVac”. Do you still recommend that? And is there a location on the States side? Buffalo area?


  • wayne wendorf says:

    taking car off road frame rusted undercarriage rusty 2000 sunfire 102km original have owned since 2003 good motor trans and all glass dent small top of hood trunk lid good
    a/c pumps cold cold driven every day short trip until today .can you supply names to give call if they may want at no charge to assist someone very clean tires good .lots of great parts

  • Well First off Id like to say My Brother is a True Blessing and continues to help all those whom he can through his knowledge OF Vehicles and Following of the Lord through his Work each and Every day ! Cars are Niles Passion , Along with the Faith he has that has been consistent throughout his life , Nile Continues to Impress me in many , many aspects of his Business and with his support along with WDCX! I and many of my friends have used some of his Sponsors Business”s And Been treated with the most respect anyone can wish for!
    Keep up the Fabulous work of Helping others Help themselves through a little direction …its amazing what the Lord , has done to Guide you helping others so positively !

    Colleen Patricia Jenkins

  • Mary Moore says:

    Ron and Dave of Clinton Collision couldn’t have been more helpful when I had repair work done on my Honda Civic last week. They even arranged for my rental car and everything went according to schedule, the car looks great so Kudos to them!!

  • Paul Schultz says:

    Where is the car maintenance schedule?
    When is the Car shows?
    When are you going to do another Live breakfast Broadcast!
    Thanks, Paul

    • Norma says:

      Hi Paul,

      The Car Maintenance Schedule is available as a download when you join our email list. Use the signup box in the right sidebar.

      Keep listening for news of Car Connection special events and live appearances!

    • Norma says:

      Hi Anna. Show times are posted at the bottom of this page, with links to recordings of past shows, as they are available.

  • paul says:

    listen every week am and pm. i have given business to many a sponcer. i feel that its a shame that businesses get customers from nile then cancel there advertizing.

  • I have just recently started listening to your program on Saturday mornings,because a guy that I was dating only listens to talk radio, so whenever I was at his place I really had no choice. You guy really give some valuable information that we as females could use. I dont think I will be taken advantage of anymore if I go into a shop for service and mention that I heard this or that or your station.May God continue to Bless you in all that you do for the working people..

  • Tashaw M Lipsey says:

    Giving Honor to God who is truly the head of my life. I thank God for you and your radio ministry Nile, you have been such a Blessing to me and many families like mine who are in need of a little help. God wants us to be good stewards over the things that He Blesses us with on this Earth, and you help us do that by educating us on vehicle maintenance, as well as our finances. Thank you for having Spirit filled, educated people who has the love of God in them enough to want to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ. I’ve learned and is still learning so much from your ministry. May God continue to bestow His Blessing upon you, your family and your entire staff. Merry Christmas and Have a Blessed and Prosperous New Year.
    Tashaw M. Lipsey

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